International Polar Year
IPY 2007-2008
Updated on 25/1/05



List of Independently Submitted ideas


As in Themes 1-5 of the initial OSP. Additional categories of Outreach/Education, History of IPY and unclassified

Theme 6 is only recently established and ideas relating to this theme have yet to identified and reassigned

ID Contact Independently Submitted Ideas
Theme 1
PDF 17 Philip Woodworth Physical Oceanography in IPY. Network of tide gauges in both polar oceans.
PDF 17b Philip Woodworth Freshening of the World oceans
PDF 46 Jason E. Box Expanding Monitoring and Remote Sensing in the Polar Regions
PDF 61 Tatsuo Sweda CACA GRANDE - Assessment of Carbon Allocation by Ground Ranging/Echoing of Arctic/Boreal Regions
PDF 85 Chad Dick A Polar Climate Grid  Observation from the top of atmosphere to bottom of ocean or into the ground
PDF 96 Enrico Zambianchi An enhanced network of Antarctic sea ice zone data buoys
PDF 114 E.J. Murphy Integrated Analyses of Circumpolar Climate Interactions & Southern  Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics  (ICCED)
PDF 136 Alexander Braun Greenland: A Geophysical Target for the IPY: Solid Earth - Cryosphere Interactions
PDF 139 Richard Hall An integrated database system for monitoring sea ice in the Polar regions
PDF 146 Graham Shimmield Ecosystem dynamics of Arctic fjords and coastal ecosystems in a changing climate
PDF 146c Graham Shimmield Ecological and biogeochemical role of microbes in polar marine environments
PDF 147 Graham Shimmield Establishment of baseline data and monitoring platforms in the Arctic and Antarctic environments
PDF 148 Graham Shimmield Long range pollutant transport to the Arctic
PDF 148b Graham Shimmield Impact of sea-ice transport of contaminants from the Siberian Arctic
PDF 149 Dr. Nikolai Yakovlev Oscillations and estimation of the role of the Arctic in Global Climate Change
PDF 149b Dr. Nikolai Yakovlev Numerical modelling of coupled sea ice - deep ocean circulation
PDF 149c Dr. Nikolai Yakovlev The role of the Arctic Ocean in climate variability
PDF 154 Mike Meredith Satellite gravity data to better determine characteristics/dynamics of high-latitude ocean circulation.
PDF 155 Mike Meredith Freshwater input to the ocean (& extraction as sea ice); influence of a changing hydrological cycle 
PDF 157 Karen Heywood The potential influence of Arctic freshwater fluxes on rapid climate change in the North Atlantic,
PDF 167 Stephen J. Jones Arctic Sea-Ice and Climate
PDF 176 Peter K. Taylor Arctic Gateway cruise to calculate absolute transports and evaluation of exchanges with the Arctic
PDF 177 Peter K. Taylor South Atlantic Box cruise - two-ship operation to form a synoptic box of three sections
PDF 180 Katrine Borgå Rapid transport of pollutants in drift ice to melting fronts
PDF 183 Dominic Hodgson Monitoring deep water fluxes in the Southern Ocean - an active role in Global Thermohaline Circulation?
PDF 184 Chad Dick Trans-polar Drift Station - Russian/Norwegian collaborative project
PDF 193 Alex Rogers Genomics and evolution of Polar Organisms (GENEPOL)
PDF 206 Matt King Polar Autonomous Network of Geophysical Stations (PANGS)
PDF 211 Jan Eiof Jonson Fate of pollutants in the Arctic
PDF 233 Wim Vyverman Biodiversity of eukaryotic micro-organisms in polar ecosystems: exploration, function and exploitation
PDF 246 H.G. Jones Surface snow processes and the physics and chemistry of ice sheets
PDF 246b H.G. Jones Climate and the mass balance of glaciers in polar regions
PDF 283 Tatiana Vlassova Arctic Residents' Network of Socio-EnvironmentAssessment and Education for Sustainable Development.
PDF 295 Ingrid Hebel Colonization of polar mosses and lichens, in relation to global climatic change, conservation & human effects
PDF 324 R. Jaña Benchmark glaciers network for mass balance monitoring and remote sensing validation - Antarctic Peninsula
PDF 327 Luis J. Alvarinho Sea-Ice Motion and Stratification of Polar Oceans
PDF 359 Albert Lluberas Monitoring Sub-Polar Glaciers as Natural Sensors of Global Warming
PDF 493 Andy Hodson The Cryoconite Ecosystem: A Bi-Polar Study of Biogeochemical Cycling upon Glacier Ice
Theme 2
PDF 34 Igor Smolyar Fisheries in the Arctic
PDF 49 Vladimir Sevostianov Commander Islands as the significant point for monitoring changes in the North Pacific Ecosystem
PDF 128 Ola M. Johannessen CARE – Climate of the Arctic and its role for Europe.
PDF 140 Robie Macdonald Connectivity and change in Arctic Basins as recorded by boundary sediments collected along transects
PDF 141 Igor A. Melnikov Sea ice-associated biology in recent environmental changes in the Arctic
PDF 156 Mike Meredith Long-term obs. of evolving high-latitude water mass properties & fluxes of relevance to THC/climate.
PDF 158 Dennis A. Darby Establishing a Pan-Arctic Pleistocene Stratigraphy & Detail Paleoclimate Record for the Arctic Ocean
PDF 160 Mike Bentley Getting the timing right: a co-ordinated approach to radiocarbon dating in the Antarctic.
PDF 169 David Vaughan West Antarctic Ice Sheet – Glacial / Inter-Glacial Stability (WAIS – GIGS)  
PDF 172 Michael Janouch Monitoring the effects of the Montreal Protocol on ozone and UV radiation levels in polar regions
PDF 175 Jeff Bale The evolution of current patterns of polar terrestrial biodiversity
PDF 175b Jeff Bale Quantifying the risks associated with alien invasion under climate change
PDF 182 German Leitchenkov Geodynamic, depositional and environmental history of the region off the Amery Ice Shelf, Antarctica
PDF 207 Viv Jones Circum-Arctic perspectives on climate change from Arctic Lakes
PDF 209 Paula Kankaanpää Climate change and human impacts in High Arctic desert area, Nordaustland, Svalbard.
PDF 210 Veijo Pohjola Coordinated activities on Nordaustlandet, Svalbard,for Polar Exploration and Climate Change studies
PDF 241 Daniel Praeg TRANSAT -Testing Tectonic Controls on Cenozoic Evolution of Climate: Latitudinal TRANSect of the ATlantic.
PDF 242 Daniel Praeg GLAMAR - GLacial Meltwater and the Sedimentary ARchitecture of High-Latitude Continental Margins
PDF 245 Dessislav Sabev The Herd’s Calendar: Following the annual trek-route of a reindeer herd in the Kola Peninsula
PDF 255 Allice Legat Global Warming: a threat to Dogrib Burial Sites
PDF 265 Warwick F. Vincent Northern RiSCC - Northern Regional impacts and Sensitivity to Climate Change
PDF 289 Eric Wolff International Partnerships in Ice Core Sciences - (IPICS)
PDF 328 Rahul Mohan Is Antarctica Climatically Stable? A search  into the marine paleoclimatic record 
PDF 331 Neloy Khare Paleoclimatic study in the lake sediments of Antarctica
PDF 332 Thamban Meloth Palaeoenvironmental change studies based on ice core drilling in Antarctica.
Theme 3
PDF 1 Ian Allison Global interactions in the Earth's polar regions
PDF 22 Andrea Jackson Large scale atmospheric chemistry / air-ice interaction programme to study pollutants
PDF 26 Bob Dickson Global theme on the role of the (bi)polar oceans in the Global Water Cycle,
PDF 45 Kendrick Taylor Understanding the Role of the Polar Regions in Climate Change
PDF 166 R.E. Benestad The implications of polar conditions for subsequent weather statistics over Northern Europe
PDF 181 Paul Twitchell Atmospheric circulation in the polar regions and its interaction with lower latitudes
PDF 287 Jane Francis Polar Regions, Climate Change and Global Catastrophes
PDF 329 Dhananjai Pandey Crustal Structure determination using geophysical techniques in polar regions
PDF 336 Jeffrey K. Weissel AIRSAR: Pole-to-Pole
Theme 4
PDF 246c H.G. Jones Microbiological communities and productivity of cryospheric ecosystems.
PDF 12 Mario Zuchelli Exploring subglacial lakes
PDF 21 Jane Francis Science in the footsteps of explorers
PDF 21c Jane Francis Searching for extra terrestrial life – polar regions as analogues for outer space
PDF 137 Martin J. Siegert The in-situ exploration of a West Antarctic subglacial lake,
PDF 145 Graham Shimmield Probing the Arctic Ocean by Autosub for oceanography, ice thickness surveys and satellite validation 
PDF 145b Graham Shimmield A survey of biodiversity and biogeochemistry of the Gakkel Ridge using ROV “ISIS” contributing to CoML
PDF 146b Graham Shimmield Biodiversity and biotechnology of microbes from extreme polar environments
PDF 168 Michele Rebesco COMBINE (COllaborative MultiBeam InterNational Effort) - bathymetric mapping off Antarctic Peninsula
PDF 194 Alex Rogers EXPOSE: Exploration of polar seamounts - an unusual variety of rare habitats
PDF 203 German Leitchenkov Airborne Geophysical Surveys over the East Antarctica Highlands
PDF 247 Robert Reves-Sohn Investigation of Hydrothermal Processes on the ultra-slow spreading Gakkel Ridge
PDF 293 Charles Cockell Polar Planetary Biology
PDF 362 R. Greku Modelling of the Antarctic and Arctic Polar Regions’ Deep Structure and Geodynamic Features Using the Gravimetric Tomography Technique
Theme 5
PDF 11 Dr.Alexander Zaitzev IHY/CAWSES
PDF 21d Jane Francis The Cretaceous-Tertiary catastrophe in the polar regions
PDF 21e Jane Francis The changing magnetosphere
PDF 30 David J. Kerridge Space weather and the solar minimum
PDF 95 Pierre J Cilliers Multi-instrument observation of the high latitude ionosphere
PDF 179 Sheila Kirkwood Arctic Atmospheric Processes  : from the troposphere to the magnetosphere 
PDF 205 Eleri Pryse Radio tomographic imaging of the Arctic ionised atmosphere by the IITC
PDF 258 Evgeni Timofeev Experimental researches on the ionospheric and low atmospheric phenomena related to super power aurora
PDF 367 Lucilla Alfonsi UAMPY – Upper Atmosphere Monitoring for Polar Year 2007-2008
PDF 486 Arrigo Caserta The YETI Project:  Permanent network of Polar Autonomous Stations connected through a Polar Communication Backbone
PDF 162 Vivian Darroch-Lozowski, Northern Light Paths - Arctic environmental and socio-ecological enquiries, educational programs, and art
PDF 253 Tatiana Bulgakova The Institute of Northern Peoples (INP) suggests scientific help to indigenous northern schools
PDF 253b Tatiana Bulgakova Bringing achievements of foreign research into indigenous northern cultures to Russian University education
PDF 489 Mark McCaffrey Establish a digital library of polar resources which ideally would support IPYoutreach/education efforts.
PDF 491 Aeneas Wilder A visual arts project - Filming the midnight sun at Svalbard
History of IPY
PDF 93 Cornelia Luedecke Changing trends in polar research as reflected in the history of the International Polar Years
PDF 161 Stuart Elden Documenting International Cooperation in the Arctic
PDF 144 Victor Dimetriev “BIPYRAMID" (Data Base for IPY: RAtional Manner of, Its Developing)
PDF 294 Charles Cockell The design of a Martian north polar base
PDF 330 A.K. Tiwari Engineered Bioremediation for cleanup  of Oil Spill in Arctic and Antarctica Regions

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