International Polar Year
IPY 2007-2008
Updated on 25/1/05


ID Source/Contact Theme Proposal or Theme Submitted by a National Committee or National Point of Contact
PDF 4 Michael Stoddart 4 CircAntCML  - undertaken under the umbrella of the Census of Marine Life (CoML)
PDF 124 J.P. Henriet 1 Antarctic shelf/margin habitats -cryosphere/geosphere/hydrosphere/biosphere interactions
PDF 126 C. Lancelot 1 Sea ice sampling to quantify Fe availability, functional diversity and sea ice assemblage viability
PDF 263 Jean-Louis Tison 1 Sea-ice biogeochemistry in a changing climate
PDF 117 Annick Wilmotte 2 Polar microbial diversity: exploration, function and exploitation
PDF 119 Ann Vanreusel 2 Decoding processes structuring biogeography and biodiversity of the Antarctic benthic fauna
PDF 122 Louis Beyens 2 Global change and biodiversity of terrestrial arctic ecosystems
PDF 123 Wim Vyverman 2 Paleolimnology in East and Maritime Antarctica – a multi-proxy approach
PDF 297 Thierry Camelbeeck 2 Establish Geophysical Investigations at the Belgian Station in Antarctica               
PDF 300 Antoon Kuijpers 2 Paleo-oceanographic development and dynamic changes in the Arctic Ocean
PDF 296 D. Fonteyn 3 Polar Stratospheric Ozone and its precursors
PDF 118 Hugo Decleir 4 Dynamic interaction between the polar ice sheet and the subglacial environment (AMICS)
PDF 120 Georges Feller 4 Genomics and proteomics of polar microorganisms: cellular basis of life at low temperatures
PDF 116 Hugues Goosse 5 UCL-ASTR astronomical studies during the International Polar Year 2007-2008
PDF 121 Jean. L. Rasson 5 Correlation of Seismic, Ionispheric and Geomagnetic Activity in Arctic/Antarctic regions
PDF 125 C. De Clercq 5 AMANDA – ICE CUBE studies (neutrino telescope at South Pole)
PDF 299 Michael Roth 5 Electrodynamic Coupling of the Auroral Ionosphere and Magnetosphere
PDF 235 M. Arnould 5 a. Astrophysics (helio- and asteroseismology; infrared and sub-millimeter astronomy, particularly at Dome C)
PDF 235b M. Arnould 5 b. Particle Astrophysics - AMANDA/ICECUBE detector development and modelling cosmic object sources
PDF 235c M. Arnould 5 c. Astrophysics of solids (micrometeorites)
PDF 127a Int. Polar Foundation E a. Activities around the “Polaris Climate Change Observatory
PDF 127b Int. Polar Foundation E b. Promotion of the IPY 2007/08
PDF 127c Int. Polar Foundation E c. Web-based activities and the educational program
PDF 127d Int. Polar Foundation E d. Networking of Belgian and European Polar Research
PDF 127e Int. Polar Foundation U e. Building of the Belgian Antarctic Station
PDF 365 Anne–Pascale Targe U Transmission of Inuit knowledge in two distinct contexts: the family and school.
PDF 366 P. Visart de Bocarmé U Anthropological Study of the Canadian Arctic Inuit through their artistic production
PDF 466 Claude De Broyer various SCAR-MarBIN : The information dimension of Antarctic Marine Biodiversity
PDF 356 Theme 1 Potential impacts on culture and economy of changes in exchanges of water through the Canadian Archipelago
PDF 356b Theme 1 Contaminant dynamics in polar systems. Stresses on human activity and environment.
PDF 356c Theme 1 Polar genomics, baselines for resource management and assessment of environmental change.
PDF 356d Theme 1 Earth observation technology for monitoring applications to all projects
PDF 356e Theme 2 Atmosphere, earth and ocean interactions stressing climate change and its impacts at different spatial scales
PDF 356f Theme U The merging of indigenous knowledge traditions and western science traditions in polar scholarship
PDF 410 Jose Valencia   Chilean National Perspective on IPY
PDF 410b Proposal 1 Scientific traverse from Patriot Hills to the South Pole
PDF 410c Proposal 1 Benchmark glaciers network for mass balance monitoring and validation of remote sensing of the Antarctic Peninsula
PDF 410d Proposal 2 Effects of medium scale climate changes on the population sizes of Antarctic marine predators
PDF 410e Proposal 2 Cape Shireff – a place-based case study of ecosystem changes
PDF 185 Zhaoqian Dong 1 The process of the Amery Ice Shelf and its interaction with the ocean
PDF 186 Zhaoqian Dong 1 The Variability of the Southern Ocean
PDF 188 Li Yuansheng 1 Chinese “ITASE” project from Zhongshan Station to Dome A  - To set up observing systems on the ice sheet.
PDF 190 Li Yuansheng 1 Observation of Lambert Glacier and the Amery Ice Shelf system
PDF 192 Chen Bo 1 Changing processes of Arctic Ocean circulation and sea ice
PDF 189 Li Yuansheng 2 Monitoring of cryospheric change at Zhongshan Station
PDF 191 Yang Huigen 5 Conjugate Studies on Upper Atmospheric Phenomena in IPY 2007/8
PDF 187 Li Yuansheng U Establishment of an in-land Chinese scientific research station at East Antarctic Plateau
PDF 337 NC theme 1 Greenland’s Ice Sheet  - major question is its mass balance
PDF 337b NC theme 1 The Arctic Climate
PDF 337c NC theme 1 Man, Nature and Arctic Societies
PDF 97 Preben Gudmandsen 1 Air-Sea-Land Interaction with reference to the Coastal North Greenland/adjacent Arctic Ocean.
PDF 104 T B G Berg 1 Ecosystem processes across climatic gradients,
PDF 105 T B G. Berg 1 The determinants of multi-trophic interactions in a High Arctic landscape
PDF 108 Eigil Kaas 1 Observations and data assimilation for sea-ice, Arctic ocean transport and water mass transformations
PDF 109 Eigil Kaas 1 Stratospheric water vapour and Polar Stratospheric Clouds,
PDF 112 Eigil Kaas 1 The Arctic/North Atlantic Oscillation
PDF 113 Mikkel P. Tamstorf 1 Proposal for Polar Year activities related to carbon stocks and fluxes in the High-Arctic.,
PDF 267 Claus Andreasen 1 Ecosystem West Greenland (ECOGREEN)
PDF 280 Claus Andreasen 1 Fishing Industry, Construction and Housing Sector Productivity Studies in Greenland
PDF 281 Claus Andreasen 1 Socio-economic effects of variations in the availability of living resources for Greenlandic hunters
PDF 282 Claus Andreasen 1 Survey of Living Conditions in the Arctic – SliCA
PDF 98 Niels Reeh 2 Long-term mass change of the Greenland ice sheet
PDF 100 P.W. Uitterdijk Appel 2 Puzzle of the Minturn circles - how was surface of high arctic regions formed during Ice Age.
PDF 101 Martin Appelt 2 Decoding Polar Processes: Nailing it to the Ground – Man, Culture, Environment in Greenland
PDF 102 Kim Aaris-Sørensen 2 Long-term changes in the distribution of the muskox (Ovibos moschatus) in the Eastern Arctic
PDF 106 Eigil Kaas 2 Climate / Earth System Modelling,
PDF 107 Eigil Kaas 2 The Arctic Ocean and its relation to inter-decadal climate variations,
PDF 268 Claus Andreasen 2 Arctic Settlement Patterns from the Past to the Present (Pre-WWII)
PDF 269 Claus Andreasen 2 Role plyed by media for Youth life in Upernavik - Media Culture of children and youth in Upernavik
PDF 270 Claus Andreasen 2 The Upernavik Dialect
PDF 271 Claus Andreasen 2 The Language situation and the Language Policy in Greenland - seen from Upernavik.
PDF 273 Claus Andreasen 2 SILA-INUK: Global Warming - Local Change: Impact of Climate Change on the daily life of Inuit
PDF 274 Claus Andreasen 2 Adjusting Education to Global and Local Needs
PDF 275 Claus Andreasen 2 Regionalization – Resources, Economy and administration
PDF 276 Claus Andreasen 2 Fisheries-Dependent Communities under Changing Environments
PDF 277 Claus Andreasen 2 Time-Series Studies on Socio-Economic Changes in Greenland
PDF 290 Claus Andreasen 2 Transformations of the Spiritual Experience in the Arctic: Past and Present
PDF 301 S A Pedersen 2 Climate and Northern Shrimp
PDF 303 Svend Funder 2 Melt water events and changing fresh water supply to the Arctic Ocean during ice ages and interglacials
PDF 306 Susanne Juul Lassen 2 Paleo-oceanography of Nares Strait – Davis Strait Arctic gateway with  special reference to iceberg drift patterns
PDF 307 J H Christensen 2 Climate Signals in Terrestrial and Freshwater Ecosystems in the Arctic
PDF 308 Jesper Christensen 2 Fate of Mercury in the Arctic (FOMA)
PDF 310 Peter Japsen 2 Ice sheet stability and mountain building in Greenland
PDF 311 Ole Bennike 2 Quaternary environmental and climatic history of Peary Land, N. Greenland
PDF 318 Danish Nat. Comm. for Climate Research 2 The changing ice in the Arctic and its coupling to weather, climate and carbon cycling
PDF 319 Niels Reeh 2 Establishing a Danish Centre for Cryosphere Changes
PDF 321 Naja Mikkelsen 2 Scientific drilling in the Arctic Ocean: Tectonic, paleo-oceanographic and climatic evolution of the polar basin
PDF 322 Ulla Odgaard 2 Focus on the world of the Palaeo-Eskimos. The Stone Age people of the High Arctic of Eastern Canada & Greenland
PDF 323 Frank Sejersen 2 The perception of and attitude towards risks, threats and crises in Arctic societies
PDF 304 Nina Skaarup 3 Structure and economic potential of the NW Greenland continental margin (Baffin Bay area)
PDF 305 D.A.T. Harper 3 Early metazoan evolution: Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth, Cambrian explosion, Great Ordovician biodiversification
PDF 312 Peter Stougaard 4 Characterization of Ikaite tufa columns in the Ikka Fjord, SW Greenland
PDF 110 Eigil Kaas 5 Space weather
PDF 111 Eigil Kaas 5 High-energy radiation and the geomagnetic field,
PDF 309 P K Rasmussen 5 The Greenland ice cap as an astronomical site
PDF 313 Anna B.O. Jensen 5 Mitigation of polar ionospheric effects for GNSS applications
PDF 314 Trine Dahl-Jensen 5 Large scale tectonics and deep structure of the Greenland shield
PDF 317 Niels Larsen 5 Polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs), stratospheric temperatures, denitrification and ozone depletion
PDF 272 Claus Andreasen H Historical aspects of the First Polar Year 
PDF 315 Uffe Wilken E European Polar Outreach (EPO)
PDF 316 Ingela Dahllöf E Is risk assessment for contaminants used in temperate areas valid in Arctic areas? - an outreach opportunity
PDF 99 Per Molgaard U Bioactive Compounds from Arctic Plants
PDF 103 T. I. Hauge Andersson U North Greenland as an area of special interest in the IPY
PDF 278 Claus Andreasen U The role of ICT in business development
PDF 279 Claus Andreasen U Comparative study of domestic violence among Inuit in Alaska, Canada and Greenland
PDF 302 Peter Stougaard U Bioactive compounds from Arctic micro-organisms
PDF 320 Space Design Group U From the Igloo to the Space Station
PDF 338 NC Proposal 1 Use of the Franco-Italian inland station Concordia as a unique science site on the Antarctic plateau
PDF 338b NC Proposal 1 A ground traverse project on the Eastern Antarctic side involving several nations such as Italy and Australia. 
PDF 338d NC Proposal 1 Implementation of a clean station on Svalbard within the general framework of a joint German-French station
PDF 338e NC Proposal 1 A social science project devoted to the Arctic
PDF 338c NC Proposal 4 A Southern Ocean Census of marine life project in close collaboration with Australia, New-Zealand and Germany
PDF 67 Hartwig Gernandt 1 ANTSYO - Antarctic flight missions in the Syowa Region - atmospheric and geophysical research
PDF 68 Hans-Jürgen Hirche 1 Seasonal and long-term observations in the Arctic using existing and abandoned Arctic bases
64 Sepp Kipfstuhl 1 AAFICOST: Arctic and Antarctic Firn Core Studies
PDF 65 Martin Gude 1 AALM – Antarctic Active Layer Monitoring
PDF 66 Angelika Brandt 1 ANDEEP–SYSTCO: Antarctic benthic deep-sea biodiversity: colonisation history/community patterns-system coupling
PDF 72 Dorte Janussen 1 Taxonomical, phylogenetic and biochemical investigations of Arctic and Antarctic deep-sea sponges (Porifera)
PDF 73 Jens Meincke 1 A study of the fresh water fluxes in the East Greenland Current
PDF 74 Gritta Veit-Köhler 1 GAP - Gene flow along the Antarctic Peninsula
PDF 76 Heinz Miller 1 IDEA  -  Ice Divide of East Antarctica., A multinational scientific surface traverse 
PDF 79 Reinhard Dietrich 1 PONAP – Polar Network of Autonomous Observation Platforms
PDF 80 Volker Strass 1 Synoptic Circum-Antarctic Climate-Processes and Ecosystem study (SCACE),
PDF 82 Ursula Schauer 1 SPACE - Synoptic Pan-Arctic Climate and Environment Study with the ice breaker Polarstern to the central Arctic
PDF 83 Jan L. Lieser 1 TDS@IPY - Transpolar Drift Station during International Polar Year 2007/08,
PDF 84 Detlef Quadfasel 1 A study of the water mass transformation north of Svalbard
PDF 153 Frank Sowa 1 Indigenous Peoples of the North & Globalised World: Local Perspectives on Nature, Risks & Landscapes
PDF 173 Detlef Stammer 1 Helicopter-based scatterometer (HELISCAT) measurements of snow and sea-ice
PDF 174 Detlef Stammer 1 Sea ice volume and freshwater and salt budget changes in the Greenland-Iceland-Norwegian (GIN) Sea.
PDF 225 Christopher B. Cogan 1 Arctic coastal biodiversity assessment in the face of unprecedented levels of human impact
PDF 14 Jackie Grebmeier 2 International Arctic shelf-basin exchange observations
PDF 53 Bernard Coakley 2 Arctic Gateways – An interdisciplinary, international collaboration for IPY
PDF 62 Martin Klenke 2 POBACE: Polar Ocean Bathymetry Coordination Effort
PDF 63 Jörn Thiede 2 Atlas of side-scan sonar imagery of Polar continental margins
PDF 69 Rainer Gersonde 2 Bipolar Climate Machinery (BIPOMAC) - northern and southern polar processes in global climate variability
PDF 71 Thomas Leya 2 Cryophilic freshwater algae: a bio-resource for climate studies and cell metabolites
PDF 77 Julian Gutt 2 Marine life in extreme polar regions under climate change (MALEP)
PDF 78 Rob Larter 2 Polar Ocean Gateway Evolution (POGE) - determine history of development of these gateways and significance
PDF 81 Eberhard Fahrbach 2 Southern Ocean Freshwater Interactions (SOFI) - Role of SO freshwater in global water cycle and THC
PDF 200 Karsten Gohl 2 Polar Ocean Gateways: The key for long-term global change
PDF 227 Doris Abele 2 King-George Island, South Shetlands – impact of climate induced glacial melting on Antarctic coastal communities
PDF 228 L. Schirrmeister 2 The Lena Delta and its catchment area - a highly sensitive Arctic Geo-Eco-system
PDF 230 V. Schlindwein 2 Seismic arrays on drifting sea-ice and icebergs – origin of seismicity of the polar oceans and ice/water
PDF 248 Dietmar Muller 2 Constructing a Circum-Antarctic Framework for Palaeo-Bathymetry & Ocean-Climate Models
PDF 249 Lothar Viereck-Goette 2 Geodynamics of the West Antarctic Rift System (WARS) and implications for the stability of the WAIS
PDF 250 Martin Gude 2 Land use impact on polar and sub-polar geosystems:­ extent, significance, perspectives LUPOG
PDF 10 Chris Wilson 3 GigaGAP - Geoscientific insights of Greater Antarctica from Gamburtsev Mountains to Prydz Bay
PDF 226 M. R. van der Loeff 3 Geotraces in the Arctic
PDF 229 Dirk Radies 3 Climatic, eustatic and tectonic controls on Permo-Triassic sequence development in the Arctic
PDF 70 J. Wolfgang Wägele 4 CASBE - Circum-Antarctic survey of benthic communities
PDF 75 Martin Meschede 4 Geodynamics of the remote hinge zone between East and West Antarctica
PDF 94 M. Klages 4 HOT RIDGE - sampling of potential hydrothermal vent fields along the Arctic Gakkel Ridge
PDF 91 Andreas Veit E The University of South Georgia - Summer School of Earth Sciences
PDF 417 T. Thorsteinsson 2 Temperate ice caps in changing climates
PDF 418 T. Thorsteinsson 4 Exploration of subglacial lake environments of Vatnajökull, Iceland
PDF 419 Tómas Jóhannesson 1 Climate and glacier mass balance in the Icelandic highland
PDF 420 Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir 1 The use of an AUV to measure ice thickness distribution and oceanic structures in the Greenland Sea
PDF 421 Steingrímur Jónsson 1 A study of the freshwater fluxes in the East Icelandic Current
PDF 422 Áslaug Geirsdóttir 2 Warm times in Iceland and the North Atlantic Arctic: providing a context for 20th century warming
PDF 423 Haraldur Ólafsson 3 Predictability of weather in polar regions and impact of atmospheric observations in the polar regions for mid-latitude weather forecasting
PDF 424 Halldor Björnsson 1 The impact of the extent of the sea ice on the development of mesoscale and synoptic scale weather systems
PDF 425 Ingibjörg Jónsdóttir 2 The effect of sea-ice on peoples lives in past and future: a study on climate impacts, adaptation and mitigation methods using geographical information systems
PDF 5c Harsh Gupta 1 The health of polar regions
PDF 5d Harsh Gupta 1 The dynamics of polar regions
PDF 345 Survey of India 1 Neo-tectonic and glaciological studies in Antarctica
PDF 347 Geol. Survey of India 1 Bipolar studies of glacial parameters evaluating the comparative impact of global warming patterns on the polar regions
PDF 348 SASE 1 Validation of surface energy and mass balance of snow covered areas versus blue ice areas of the Antarctic continent
PDF 5 Harsh Gupta 2 Continued study of the ozone hole
PDF 5b Harsh Gupta 2 Depletion/accretion of polar ice areas
PDF 349 Zool. Survey of India 2 Long term studies on changes in biodiversity in relation to environmental change in Antarctica
PDF 344 Geol. Survey of India 3 Constraining magmatism and metamorphism associated with Pan-African tectonic event in India and Antarctica
PDF 346 A. Jayaraman 5 Lidar study of vertical distribution of aerosols and cloud structure over Maitri and estimation of aerosol radiative forcing
PDF 351 Ajay Dhar 5 Antarctic Geomagnetism
PDF 350 DIPAS U Scientific input in the area of human physiology and medicine
PDF 132 M. Frezzotti 1 5Oth anniversary scientific traverses in Antarctica from Talos Dome to Dome A
PDF 133 G. di Prisco 1 ICEFISH Cruises: Internat. collaborative expeditions to collect/study fish indigenous to Sub-Antarctic habitats
PDF 135 Toni Meloni 1 Temporary Antarctic network of geophysical observatories (TANGO)
PDF 214 Guido di Prisco 1 Evolution and adaptation of Antarctic fish (in association with “Evolution in the Antarctic” (EVOLANTA)
PDF 215 Gabriele Capodaglio 1 Environmental monitoring in polar regions - micropollutants and microchemicals in polar environments
PDF 216 Vito Vitale 1 POLAR-AOD, a network for aerosol measurements in polar regions
PDF 217 Harry J. Beine 1 Atmospheric nitrogen photo-chemistry in and above snow surfaces - “Photo-Snow” - 
PDF 218 Silvia Ceramicola 2 PATHWAYS -  Palaeoceanographic Pathways in the North Atlantic-Arctic Ocean
PDF 220 Emanuele Lodolo 2 Linking climate & tectonics: development of deep-water Antarctic Circumpolar Current & effects on glaciation 
PDF 251 Gianluca Frinchillucci 2 Map of Arctic Peoples -  to study the culture and lifestyles of the peoples of the Arctic and subarctic regions
PDF 219 G. Böhm 4 Seismic exploration of Antarctic subglacial lakes
PDF 131 M. Candidi 5 Complete coverage of the Antarctic ionosphere by the new southern SuperDARN radar array, 
PDF 212 S. Cortiglioni 5 Observations of the microwave polarized component of the sky with the BaR-SPOrt experiment
PDF 222 Silvia Masi 5 80 years after the NORGE: top science from Polar Long Duration Balloons
PDF 134 G. De Rossi U Antarctic air network - To interconnect the existing networks and accomplish an Antarctic domestic network,
PDF 213 Donatella de Pascale U Antarctic psychrophilic bacteria: biodiversity analysis for identifying novel compounds of biotechnological interest
PDF 221 Benjamin Pushparaj U Exploitation of valuable products from photo-synthetic microorganisms from polar regions
PDF 339 NC Proposals 1,2,4,5 A range of initial proposals by the Japanese National Committee
PDF 426 Naohiko Hirasawa 1 Water transport between the Antarctic ice sheet and atmosphere
PDF 427 Takashi Yamanouchi 1 Antarctic Trace Gas and Aerosol Airborne measurement Study (AGAMES)
PDF 428 Yoshiyuki Fujii 1 Scientific Traverse in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
PDF 429 Makoto Omura 1 Monitoring movements of Antarctic Ice Sheet and Glaciers on Coastlines by SAR
PDF 430 Mitsuo Fukuchi 1 Studies on Antarctic Ocean and Global Environment
PDF 431 Okitsugu Watanabe 1 Development of Automatic Research Station Net over the Antarctic Continent
PDF 432 Okitsugu Watanabe 1 Systematic Airborne Observation over the Antarctic
PDF 433 Hiroshi Fukunishi 1 Investigation of the role of the arctic middle and upper atmosphere in global environmental change
PDF 434 Yasuhiro Murayama 1 Synergetic observations of dynamics-chemistry-electrodynamics in the arctic middle and upper atmosphere over Alaska
PDF 435 Shuhei Takahashi 1 Glaciological investigation in McCall Glacier, Alaska
PDF 436 Shuhei TakahashiI 1 Glaciological investigation in Suntal Khayata Range, East Siberia, for International Polar Year
PDF 437 Tatsuo Sweda 1 Complete Assessment of Carbon Allocation by Ground Ranging and Echoing for Arctic/Boreal Regions (already in database)
PDF 438 Masami Fukuda 1 Early Detection of Boreal Forest Fire
PDF 439 Yutaka Matsumi 1 Chemical processes of the atmosphere in the circumpolar region
PDF 440 Keiji Kushida 1 Remote sensing of carbon budget in boreal forest in Alaska based on component spectral characteristics
PDF 441 Yojiro Matsuura 1 Structure and function of circumpolar biomes and its re-evaluation
PDF 442 Hiroshi Fukunishi 2 Monitoring of the Global Environmental Change in the Antarctic region
PDF 443 Hideaki Nakajima 2 A study on elucidating mechanisms of polar stratospheric ozone depletion using a Fourier-transform spectrometer and balloons at Japanese Antarctic Syowa Station (69°S)
PDF 444 Hideki Miura 2 Shallow marine drilling project for high-resolution reconstruction of East Antarctic Ice and Southern Ocean history during the late Quaternary
PDF 446 Tetsuo Ohata 2 Study on the past variation of Eurasian Glaciated Regions and Future Monitoring
PDF 447 Tetsuo Ohata 2 Environment change in the Arctic Regions and Water Cycle
PDF 448 Hiroshi Kanda 2 Response of Arctic tundra ecosystem and carbon cycle to climate change
PDF 449 Koichiro Harada 2 Response of permafrost to climatic change
PDF 450 Shin-ichi Urano 2 Change and Recovery of Hydrological Process Affected by Forest Fire in Arctic Area
PDF 451 Masaaki Wakatsuchi 3 Evaluation of sea ice production and dense water formation / transport in the Indian Ocean sector of the Southern Ocean -towards understanding of the global thermohaline circulation
PDF 452 Takatoshi Takizawa 3 Impact of Southern Ocean and ice sheet of Antarctica on the global climate change system
PDF 453 Takatoshi  Takizawa 3 Spreading pathways of Pacific- and Atlantic-origin waters, and their impact on the ice cover in the western Arctic Ocean
PDF 454 Takeshi Naganuma 4 Diversity and Potential Availability of Polar Microbial Resources
PDF 455 Tsuyoshi Tanaka   Geochemical exploration of Precambrian Antarctic meteorite  - Aiming to the studies on "tectonics of the solar system"
PDF 456 Hidetoshi Okuyama 4 Molecular biological evaluation of climate warming effects on activity of the moss ecosystem and moss habitat microbes in Arctic regions
PDF 457 Satonori Nozawa 5 Research on the wind dynamics in the polar lower thermosphere and mesosphere based on EISCAT/MF/meteor radar observations and simulation predictions
PDF 458 Masaki Okada 5 Observation of Aurora Fine-structure via INDEX Satellite
PDF    459 Takehiko Aso 5 Coordinated radar studies of the Arctic and Antarctic middle and upper atmosphere during IPY-4 period  (CRSAAMU)
PDF 460 Natsuo Sato 5 Interhemispheric Conjugacy and Non-conjugacy of Aurora and Polar Ionospheric Disturbances
PDF 461 Toshitaka Tsuda 5 Japanese CAWSES  (Climate And Weather of the Sun-Earth System)
PDF 462 Masaki Ejiri 5 Program of the Antarctic Syowa MST/IS radar (PANSY)
PDF 463 Seiji Tsuboi 5 Developing Plans for Antarctic Seismic Deployments: 'Antarctic Arrays'  - For Broadband Seismology on Ice-Covered Continent
PDF 464 Hiroshi L. Tanaka 5 Development of the Polar Observing Airship "Vortex Chaser" as an Application of the Stratospheric Platform
PDF 465 Hiroshi Hayasaka 5 Development of Control Method Using Satellite Monitoring
PDF 340 NC Theme 3 Understanding the dynamic processes of the polar oceans, land and atmosphere including fluxes between spheres
PDF 340b NC Theme 2 Exploring the evolution of the Arctic Ocean from a warm to a cold state
PDF 340c NC Theme 2 Climate change and polar ecosystems
New Zealand
PDF 341 Proposal 4 Circum-Antarctic Census of Marine Life - with Australia, France and Japan
PDF 353 NC Theme 3 Lithosphere of the Arctic and Antarctic - its evolution in the geodynamic system of the Earth
PDF 353b NC Theme 2 Response of abiotic components of the polar environment to global climatic change
PDF 353c NC Theme 1 Structure, evolution and dynamics of biodiversity in both polar regions of the Earth (a comparison)
PDF 354 Wieslaw Ziaja    1 Svalbard landscape structure and dynamics under the climate change since the Little Ice Age
PDF 415 Rajmund Przybylak 2 History of the Arctic Climate in the 19th Century and Beginning of the 20th Century Based on Early Instrumental Data
PDF 6 Vladimir Kotlyakov 2 Cryosphere and climate
PDF 342 NC Proposals Various A set of initial ideas for Russian IPY activities
PDF 368 I.I. Mokhov 3 Modelling and diagnostics of climate in polar and subpolar latitudes and their changes.
PDF 369 A.N. Zueyev 1 Estimation of the temporal- spatial scales of global processes impact on environment and biota of the Arctic shelves in their interaction with the deep-water seas and sub-basins of the Arctic Ocean.
PDF 370 N.F Fedoseev 1 Monitoring of CO2 and CH4 concentrations in the near-surface atmosphere in relation to geocryological conditions.
PDF 371 A.I. Semenov 5

Temperature regime and structure of the middle atmosphere at heights of 85-100 km in high and middle latitudes by emissions of hydroxyl, sodium and a green line of atomic oxygen

PDF 372 N.F. Elansky 1 Minor gaseous and aerosol species, large-scale transport, photochemical processes, mass and heat exchange in the Arctic lower and middle atmosphere.
PDF 373 Yu.A. Volkov 1 Experimental investigation of air-surface interaction in polar regions
PDF 374 V. N. Makarov 1 Monitoring of Arctic lower atmosphere aerosols and estimation of anthropogenic ecotoxicants released to environment
PDF 375 D.G. Matishov 1 Investigations of the Polar atmosphere in the Arctic and in the Antarctic, input of stable technogenous exotoxicants  into the environment and biochemical characteristics of their distribution within trophic chains in both polar regions
PDF 376 A.N. Gruzdev 1 Investigation of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the polar stratosphere
PDF 377 A.N. Gruzdev 1 Investigation of pollution of the lower atmosphere in the northern polar region by nitrogen oxides
PDF 378 A.N. Gruzdev 1 Features of variability of ozone in polar regions
PDF 379 A. Tishkov 1 Investigations of terrestrial fauna pollution on islands and beach line of Arctic and study of arctic animals role in pollution migration in polar desert and tundra ecosystems
PDF 380 S.F. Timofeev 1 Investigation of species composition, distribution and biological diversity of animals and plants (benthos, algae- macrophytes, marine mammals) in conditions of global climate change and economic exploration of the Arctic.
PDF 381 A. Tishkov 1 Dynamics of arctic animals and plant distribution under climate changes and anthropogenic transformation of arctic ecosystems
PDF 382 G.A. Zerebtsov 5 Research into solar-terrestrial connections and physical processes in Sun­–Earth system for polar regions
PDF 383 E.M.Galimov 2 Bipolar climate machine and ocean gates of the Arctic and Southern Oceans
PDF 384 S. Lappo 3 Study of inter-ocean exchanges in the polar area of the Southern Ocean
PDF 385 S. Lappo 1 Comprehensive investigations of the Kara Sea in the interactions with adjacent regions of the Arctic - the coastal areas, the continental slope and the basin
PDF 386 A.N. Zueyev 1 All sided investigation of the Kara Sea in the interaction with the adjacent areas of the continental slope and ocean floor, surrounding islands and continent
PDF 387 V.V. Kunitsky 1 Embryonal glaciers, perennial snow patches and niveolian deposits: composition, structure and depositional environments in the Arctic and Subarctic areas
PDF 388 A. Glazovsky 1 Current state of glaciers and ice caps in the Eurasian Arctic
PDF 389 V.M. Kotlyakov 1 Grounded ice discharge of the Antarctic ice sheet
PDF 390 G. Leitchenkov 1 Antarctic Bed Relief and Ice Sheet (ABRIS)
PDF 391 A. Georgiadi 1 Hydrologic response of permafrost regions in Eastern Siberia to climate change
PDF 392 A. Georgiadi 1 Genetic structure of river runoff in geographically diverse regions of Lena river basin - seasonal and long-term changes
PDF 393 G.A. Tarasov 2 Pleistocene - Holocene glaciers and periglacial events, their role in the evolution of the marine ecosystems and estimation of the future nature changes in high latitude Arctic areas
PDF 394 A.A. Velichko 2 Comparative analysis of environmental changes in Arctic and Antarctic through the Late Pleistocene and the Holocene
PDF 395 Yu. Tyupkin 1 World Data and Information Framework of the International Polar Year  2007/08
PDF 396 A.B.Kuzmichev 3 Tectonics of New Siberian Islands and adjacent East-Arctic shelf: a key to a non-contradictory model of Amerasian basin opening
PDF 397 M.D.Khutorskoy 1 Geothermal field of Arctic and Antarctic passive transitive zones measuring for terrestrial temperatures and lithosphere thickness research as well oil and gas deposits on a shelf and continental slope evaluation
PDF 398 Yu.G. Leonov 1 Tectonic Map of the Earth’s Polar Regions
PDF 399 A.B. Kuzmichev 2 Late Mesozoic - Cenozoic tectono-magmatic history of the Barents Sea shelf and slope as a clue to paleodynamic reconstructions in the Arctic Ocean
PDF 400 E. Andreeva 1 Study of prospects of development of non-renewable natural resources in Arctic, impact of global climate changes on reliability and safety of economic and social infrastructure functions. Structure changes in land/resource use and their impact on sustainability of indigenous peoples’ lifestyles of the North in modern society.
PDF 401 V.P. Melnikov 1 Coastal-shelf cryolithozone of the western sector of Russian Arctic
PDF 402 N.A.Shpoljanskaja 1 Massive ground ices of a modern and ancient Arctic shelf
PDF 403 E.S.Miklyaeva 1 Transport and accumulation of hydrocarbon pollution in soils and rocks of Arctic regions
PDF 404 V.N.Gosudarev 1 The ecology-faunistic review of modern Arctic biota
PDF 405 V.B. Spektor 2 Climatic Events and Geographical Conditions in the Laptev Sea and East Siberian Segments of Arctic for past 400 kyr
PDF 406 A.V. Pavlov 1 arctic permafrost dynamics under global climate change
PDF 407 M.N. Grigoriev 1 The present state and evolution of permafrost in the continental and shelf areas of the Russian Arctic (eastern sector)
PDF 408 V.T Balobaev 1 Antarctic Permafrost: its composition, structure, temperature field, conditions and processes of its formation
PDF 409 D. Gilichinsky 2 The Age of Antarctic Permafrost
PDF 411 German Leitchenkov 2 Geodynamic, depositional and environmental history of the region off the Amery Ice Shelf (Prydz Bay – Kerguelen Plateau Geotransect)
PDF 261 Francisco Navarro 1 Analysis of glaciological transition zones based on field observations and numerical modelling
PDF 355 Adolfo Eraso 1 Monitoring subpolar glaciers as natural sensors of global warming
PDF 197 J. A. Flores 2 Rapid and abrupt oceanic changes during the last climatic cycles in Antarctic and Subantarctic regions
PDF 204 J. Galindo-Zaldivar 2 Recent tectonic deformations & implications in a global perspective: integrated studies on Scotia Arc development
PDF 208 Antonio Quesada 2 Polar freshwater systems as sensors of climate change
PDF 224 J López-Martínez 2 Evidence of present and Holocene environmental changes in ice-free areas of the polar regions
PDF 260 Carlota Escutia 2 Climatic inferences on development of the sedimentary record
PDF 292 Ana Ramos 4 Biodiversity of benthic polar systems:  a comparison between the Arctic and Antarctic oceans
PDF 86 Per Holmlund 1 A Japanese Swedish Antarctic glaciological traverse between Syowa and Wasa stations
PDF 87 Michael Tjernström 1 An Arctic-Ocean Atmospheric Mission By ODEN  to study ice-ocean-atmosphere climate processes,
PDF 88 Leif G Anderson 1 A study of the land-shelf-basin interactions along the Siberian Shelf Seas,
PDF 357 Ralf Döscher 3 Understanding & description of coupled arctic processes and global feedbacks using numerical models & observations
PDF 470 c/o Valery Lytvynov   Ukrainian Plans for IPY
PDF 471 c/o Valery Lytvynov 1 Circum-Antarctic Geological Survey: geochemical study of the large detrital zircon populations that reflect sub glacial provenance (CAGS)
PDF 472 c/o Valery Lytvynov 5 Investigation of global lightning activity using the worldwide ELF interferometer (involving Vernadsky, Syowa, Amundsen-Scott in Antarctica, Tohoku University in Japan, and Institute of Radio Astronomy in Ukraine).
PDF 473 c/o Valery Lytvynov 5 The "electromagnetic pollution" of Antarctica from industrial regions of the Northern hemisphere.
PDF 474 c/o Valery Lytvynov 5 The propagation of the AGW of tropospheric origin upwards to the ionosphere/magnetosphere using a network of automatic meteo-magnetic stations in the Antarctic Peninsula region.
PDF 475 c/o Valery Lytvynov 2 Antarctic Peninsula: a key region for understanding the rapid environment change study
PDF 476 c/o Valery Lytvynov 5 The deep geoelectric model of Antarctic Peninsula.
PDF 477 c/o Valery Lytvynov 4 The deep structure and principal evolution stages of West Antarctica (on the base of geophysical, petrologic, geochronology and palaeomagnetic data)
PDF 478 c/o Valery Lytvynov 4 Modelling of the Antarctic and Arctic Polar Regions’ Interior Structure and Geodynamic Features Using the Gravimetric Tomography Technique
PDF 479 c/o Valery Lytvynov 1 Bathymetry, Mapping and Sedimentation Processes of Unsurveyed Shallow Archipelagos of the West Antarctica
PDF 480 c/o Valery Lytvynov 1 Climate variability and its influences on the state of glaciation of the Antarctic Peninsula region.
PDF 481 c/o Valery Lytvynov 1 Long-term ecosystem monitoring of the Vernadsky station region.
PDF 482 c/o Valery Lytvynov 5 Complex study of the deep Earth’ structure, break tectonics of the Earth crust in the Scotia Sea region and Pacific shelf of the Antarctic Peninsula, internal physical processes connected with energy active reactions into the external and internal core of the Earth
PDF 483 c/o Valery Lytvynov 1 Using of the energy balance model of the global Earth climate for modeling of the regional Antarctic Peninsula climate peculiarities, and atmospheric processes in the South Polar area
PDF 484 c/o Valery Lytvynov 1 The development of the physical background of the earthquake in the Scotia Sea in order to improve the prognosis methods on the base of the radon emission observation, the geomagnetic field variation and seismic observations at the Vernadsky station
PDF 485 Vladislav Timofeyev 2 Changes in Antarctic Environment: on the Centenary of Charcot’s expeditions and first detailed research at the region of the Antarctic Peninsula
United Kingdom
PDF 343 NC Theme 1 A generic observation theme to provide a temporal baseline - a snapshot - of slow polar processes
PDF 343b NC Theme 1 Effects of climate/anthropogenic perturbation in polar regions on ecosystem processes, risks from invasive species
PDF 343c NC Theme 1 Biogeochemistry of the Southern Oceans
PDF 343d NC Theme 1 Human dimension of climate/anthropogenic impacts in the Arctic, Arctic living conditions, humanistic aspects of IPY
PDF 343e NC Theme 2 Stability of the West Antarctic Ice Shelf
PDF 343f NC Theme 3 Bipolar research on the significance of polar regions to the Global Water Cycle
United States
PDF 13 Arnold Gordon 1 Polar Climate Transects in the Southern Ocean are proposed
PDF 36 Frank Carsey 1 An International Fleet Of Polar Rovers to address Climate Science During International Polar Year 2007-2008
PDF 38 James Maslanik 1 The New Polar Explorers of the 21st. Century: Autonomous Vehicles
PDF 41 Sydney Levitus 1 Structure of High Northern Latitude Climate Variability In Space And Time
PDF 44 Donald K. Perovich 1 Assessing, understanding, and conveying the state of Arctic sea ice cover
PDF 47 Tony Hansen 1 Advanced instrumentation to facilitate research in the Arctic and Antarctic,
PDF 48 Paul Shepson 1 OASIS (“Ocean-Atmosphere-Sea Ice-Snowpack Interactions”) as an IPY Core Activity
PDF 150 Matt Nolan 1 Towards an Arctic Topographic Mapping Mission during the IPY
PDF 151 Ola Persson 1 Arctic Ocean Field Program in the central Arctic Ocean to methodologies and explore physical processes
PDF 163 Mark Dyurgerov 1 The Ice-Water Budgets of Glacierized Basins in Arctic Archipelago(s)
PDF 164 Mahlon C. Kennicutt II 1 Bi-Polar Census of Persistent Global Contaminants
PDF 198 Dan Lubin 1 The Antarctic Ozone Hole: Toward Closure on Ecological Impacts
PDF 238 Breck Owens 1 Physical profiling of the Arctic Ocean - High-latitude areas lack systematic obs. continuous in time & space
PDF 239 John Toole    1 An Arctic Array of Ice-Tethered Profilers as Arctic is poorly sampled in comparison to the temperate seas. 
PDF 240 Don Cline 1 Pan-Arctic Snow Observation & Modeling: leap-ahead in understanding Arctic terrestrial snowpack dynamics
PDF 262 Victoria Gofman 1 International Network of Arctic Indigenous Community-Based Environmental Monitoring & Information Stations
PDF 264 Jason E. Box 1 Enhancing Existing Observational Sites to Uphold the IPY-1957 Legacy.
PDF 284 Larry Hothem 1 Comprehensive observations in support of Geodetic Infrastructure in Antarctica (GIANT) program
PDF 352 Miles McPhee 1 IPY and the Southern Ocean – the relationship between Southern Ocean processes and climate change
PDF 360 Bob Anderson  1 GEOTRACES: Biogeochemical cycles of trace elements in the Southern Ocean
PDF 361 Bob Anderson 1 GEOTRACES in IPY
PDF 487 O. Holm-Hansen 1 Production and fate of organic carbon in the Southern Ocean as influenced by physical mixing processes.
PDF 490 Tom Farr 1 Identifying remote sensing signatures of geologic processes using new generation airborne and satellite based sensors.
PDF 492 Rainer Amon 1 The biogeochemistry of methyl mercury in the Arctic Ocean and its relevance for humans
PDF 14 Jackie Grebmeier 2 International Arctic Shelf-Basin exchange observations:  An Arctic “Snapshot” Proposal for IPY 2007-08
PDF 32 Michael Ritzwoller 2 Aspects of Antarctic Array and Some Mantle Imaging Efforts in Antarctica and over the Arctic
PDF 33 Jesse Johnson 2 IPY Community Ice Sheet Model Initiative
PDF 37 Ginny Catania 2 How will Ice Sheets Contribute to Global Sea Level Rise?
PDF 42 Sydney Levitus 2 Historical Oceanographic, Meteorological, Hydrological & other Geophysical Databases
PDF 51 Ted A. Scambos 2 Has the Antarctic warmed in the past 50 years? A resurvey of shallow borehole temperatures at IGY sites
PDF 52 David Ainley 2 The Ross Sea as a Research Base for IPY – the last pristine marine ecosystem
PDF 55 Brad Barr 2 Impacts of Change in the Arctic
PDF 56 David H. Bromwich 2 The Polar Atmospheric Initiative
PDF 142 Peter Wilkniss 2 The Arctic Grand Challenge: Abrupt Climate Change
PDF 170 Vicki Childers 2 Capturing Large-Scale Change in the Arctic Ocean and Cryosphere
PDF 171 David L. Clark 2 Coring of Arctic Ocean sediments to date both Arctic Ocean formation and sea-ice cover formation
PDF 196 James Overland 2 Rigorous comparison of Arctic data from IPY 2007-2008 with IPY-1
PDF 202 Roger C Bales 2 Long-term measurements of arctic atmosphere at an expanded Summit Environmental Observatory
PDF 231 Ken Jezek 2 An international campaign to map the interior and base of the polar ice sheets
PDF 254 T. Scambos 2 Larsen Ice Shelf Retreat and Glacier Acceleration on the Antarctic Peninsula
PDF 257 Stefan W. Vogel 2 The underbelly of ice sheets - studying the basal zone of ice sheets
PDF 259 Andrey Proshutinsky 2 Simulated IPYs: International Collaboration in , Arctic Change Studies Based on Numerical Modeling
PDF 325 Ron Weaver 2 Electronic Data Year  “unfreeze polar data”
PDF 326 Seth Stein 2 Observation of Glacial Isostatic Adjustment in the Arctic with GPS
PDF 35 Dr. S. Tulaczyk 4 IPY-FASTDRILL: Interdisciplinary Polar Science & Fast Ice-Sheet Drilling Along a W. Antarctic transect
PDF 54 Carol Finn 4 IPY Airborne Geophysical Surveys
PDF 223 D.D. Blankenship 4 Investigating the Crustal Elements of the Central Antarctic Plate (ICECAP) 
PDF 252 Peter Michael 4 Interdisciplinary studies of the slowest spreading mid-ocean ridge on earth: The eastern Gakkel Ridge
PDF 39 Robyn M. Millan 5 Polar Balloon Experiments to transport instrumentation across polar regions.
PDF 40 Marc Lessard 5 Sounding Rockets for Studies in ionospheric and magnetospheric Physics
PDF 143 Edgar A. Bering, III 5 A coordinated study of the Global Electric Circuit linking weather and solar activity
PDF 232 Alfred Y. Wong 5 Studying Geospace during IPY
PDF 285 Bob Hutt 5 Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station ultra-high resolution seismology
PDF 286 Jeffrey Love 5 IPY Geomagnetism programme to monitor the magnetic field under the auroral oval encircling the Arctic
PDF 291 G Leonard Johnson 5 An Integrated Heliospheric and Oceanographic Programme 
PDF 43 Claire L. Parkinson E Odyssey of the Mind: A Polar Problem
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PDF 256 Florence Fetterer H Preserving and promoting data collections and reports from early N American arctic research
PDF 288 Anne M. Jensen H In the Footsteps of Murdoch & Ray-following up John Murdoch’s study of Ethnological Results of Point Barrow
PDF 199 Laurence C. Smith U Trans-Siberia expeditions in the International Polar Year - using the Trans-Siberian Railroad as a platform

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