International Polar Year
IPY 2007-2008
Updated on 19/1/05


  • Utilise the vantage point of the polar regions to carry out an intensive and internationally coordinated burst of high quality, important research activities and observations that would not otherwise occur
  • Lay the foundation for major scientific advances in knowledge and understanding of the nature and behaviour of the polar regions and their role in the functioning of the planet
  • Leave a legacy of observing sites, facilities and systems to support ongoing polar research and monitoring
  • Strengthen and enhance international collaboration and co-operation in polar regions research and monitoring
  • Address both polar regions and their global interactions
  • Link researchers across different fields to address questions and issues lying beyond the scope of individual disciplines
  • Collect a broad-ranging set of samples, data and information regarding the state and behaviour of the polar regions to provide a reference for comparison with the future and the past
  • Ensure data collected under the IPY are made available in an open and timely manner
  • Intensify the recovery of relevant historical data and ensure that these also are made openly available
  • Attract, engage and develop a new generation of polar researchers, engineers and logistics experts
  • Optimise exploitation of available polar observing systems, logistical assets and infrastructure
  • Develop and embrace new technological and logistical capabilities
  • Build on existing and potential new funding flows
  • Engage the awareness, interest and understanding of schoolchildren, the general public and decision-makers worldwide in the purpose and value of polar research and monitoring

Strengthening international science for the benefit of society