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Updated on 13/6/06

Education, Outreach & Communication

At its November 2005 meeting in Geneva, the IPY Joint Committee accepted the formation of an Education and Outreach steering group, charged with developing a full IPY E&O Committee. We envision an active planning and steering group operating within and for a larger committee of corresponding members.

Dr Rhian Salmon has joined the IPO as the Education and Outreach Coordinator. Rhian has a background in atmospheric chemistry, has spent a winter in Antarctica, and brings energy and talent to these important communication tasks. Rhian will work with the IPY Education and Outreach steering group as they build a broad network of educators, media professionals, youth, tourist representatives, scientists and polar communities among others. That network will certainly include many institutional and national representatives.

We have also developed a Media and Education and Outreach database http://www.ipy.org/international/joint-committee/eoc/ that is available immediately, whether or not you are part of an endorsed project.

If you enter your details here, they will become publicly available on the web site (currently under development). For further information regarding IPY Education and Outreach Activities, please contact the IPY International Programme Office

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