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Published: 23 Jul 2004
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16-07-04 An iAnZone Meeting at UEA to plan an IPY research programme

The SCOR research programme iAnZone is holding a workshop at the University of East Anglia to discuss the next iAnZone project which will be an IPY Contribution. The workshop will start on Tuesday 3rd August about 09.30 and end on Thursday 5th August about 14.00. The theme of the proposed project is concerned with Circumpolar Shelf Break Fronts: the Antarctic Slope Front, exchanges across it (shelf to deep ocean), freshwater fluxes,sea ice and glacial ice melting. Some of the scientific arguments and proposed activities have been well summarised in the letter written for the IPY community on iAnZone's behalf by Robin Muench.
see http://www.ldeo.columbia.edu/res/fac/physocean/ianzone/IPY/IPYPlanningLetter.html

The project might include issues such as:
- coastal current and slope front transports
- freshwater fluxes around Antarctica
- role of these flows in melting ice
- CTD/ADCP sections across shelf and perpendicular to continental slope
- nutrients/oxygens/isotopes
- release of surface drifters
- high resolution models of shelf/slope/ocean with tides
- releasing drifters in models
- perturbation experiments in coupled ocean/ice/atmosphere models
- physics forcing the coastal current and slope front - buoyancy, Ekman
- moored arrays on slope and shelf.

What iAnZone would add to each individual contribution would be to bring
together for the first time a truly circumpolar perspective on these
currents and processes. There would be no focus on a particular sector of
Antarctica, so that each nation could contribute/collaborate according to
logistical constraints. For IPY there would also be a bi-polar focus.

For more information, please contact Karen Heywood email k.heywood@uea.ac.uk .

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