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Published: 11 Feb 2005
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Listing of Expressions of Intent now available

A total of 843 Expressions of Intent have been loaded into the IPY database and you should check that your submission is on the Titles list that is available at: www.ipy.org/concept/framework/index.html.
The list is in alphabetic order based on the Contact surname. If your submission is not there please contact the IPY Programme Office at ipyipo@bas.ac.uk and we can sort it out.

The spreadsheet table comprises the Unique ID number, Full EoI Title, Short Title and Contact Surname but also includes a list of broad categories which you may wish to use to identify proposals in a specific science area.

A browser based searchable database will be available soon to access full Expression of Intent submissions to assist you further in looking for links to related topics.

The submissions are in the process of being examined by the IPY Programme Office and members of the Joint Committee. They will be considering how well EoI's address the IPY criteria and on the basis of this assessment will give IPY approval where appropriate.

The result of these assessments will be discussed further at the Joint Committee meeting in Paris on March 7-9 and each lead contact of an Expression of Intent will be informed of the Joint Committee's deliberations as soon as possible after the meeting.

For more information, please contact Cynan Ellis-Evans email jcel@bas.ac.uk .

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