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IPY 2007-2008
Published: 22 Mar 2005
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New IPY website with a searchable EoI Database

The IPY 2007-2008 website has been running for a full year and has now been given a facelift to more clearly illustrate its polar focus and to reflect the change in management structure from that of the IPY Planning Group to that of the Joint Committee, Consultative Forum and International Programme Office. The site is still being developed but now includes a searchable database for all 870+ Expressions of Intent submitted to date. A spreadsheet listing all the EoI's is also available and pdf versions of all the EoI's will be available from the the site in the near future. It is hoped that we are close to having all the submitted EoI's in the database but if yours is not present please inform the International Programme Office at ipyipo@bas.ac.uk.

For more information, please contact Cynan Ellis-Evans email jcel@bas.ac.uk .

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