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Published: 13 Dec 2005
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Instrumentation related to IPY - a session at the EGU, Vienna

The European Geophysical Union General Assembly in Vienna, April 2nd-7th contains a session: "Instrumentation related to the IPY".

This session is focussed on the instrumentation and technologies that will deliver the science, this includes sensors, instruments, power systems, experiment set-up and experiment coordination as well as practical aspects of operating in Polar Regions.

The session is meant to encourage presentations and discussions that span different measurement approaches and different scientific disciplines.

Submissions to this session are particularly encouraged if they discuss instrumentation developed specifically for the IPY or demonstrate techniques of particular relevance to Polar Regions.

The deadline for the receipt of abstracts is the 13th of January 2006 - the final presentation can be either a 15 minute talk or a poster presentation.

More information on EGU can be found at http://meetings.copernicus.org/egu2006/

For more information, please contact Mike Rose .

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