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Published: 13 Sep 2006
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Want to get involved in the International Polar Year ? - A call from the IPY Youth Steering Committee

Want to Get Involved in the International Polar Year?

Now is Your Chance!

The International Polar Year (IPY; www.ipy.org) is an international effort, involving more than 50 countries, to focus research efforts in both the sciences and social sciences on the world?s Polar Regions. In order to secure youth involvement in all aspects of the IPY, the Youth Steering Committee (YSC) was formed, aiming specifically to network young polar researchers from all backgrounds to enable collaboration and to involve this group in outreach focused towards other young people. This is a chance to network and work with youth from 14 countries around the world who are committed to positive action for the poles. More information can be found on the YSC website at www.ipyyouth.org.

The Youth Steering Committee has formed a series of working groups to further develop our large set of programs. This is your chance to get involved and help guide the direction of the activities targeting youth and young researchers. Here?s what you can help us with:

IPY Early Career Working Group
Early career scientists and researchers (undergraduates through assistant professors) can network and share opportunities for getting involved with polar research. Help the next generation of polar researchers make the most out of the International Polar Year. They are the future of polar research. For further information or to get involved with this working group please contact Jenny Baeseman.

Polar Contests Working Group
These contests will network young polar researchers around the world and involve them in educational outreach to other young people. Give youth the opportunity to learn about the Polar Regions and express what they have learned creatively. Help us set up Polar Contests internationally and assist youth from your country to present their work at the International Youth Conference on the Poles. For further information or to get involved with this working group please contact Melianie Raymond.

Website Working Group
Make the Youth Steering Committee website as exciting and interactive as possible. Your work will help youth and young researchers from around the world to connect. For further information or to get involved with this working group please contact Melianie Raymond.

International Youth Conference on the Poles Working Group
Taking place in 2008, the International Youth Conference on the Poles will bring youth from around the world together to present their research, talk about issues affecting the polar regions and learn more. Help to make this a reality.

Students on Ice Working Group
During Polar Year, Students on Ice will take hundreds of youth from around the world to the Polar Regions. Help them make this a reality for as many youth as possible.

International Geophysical Year Working Group
The International Geophysical Year took place 50 years ago. Now we have the chance to bring together youth and the researchers who worked in the Polar Regions at this time.

Legacy Working Group
Youth around the world know what they want to see International Polar Year accomplish. Provide them with the opportunity to share this voice.

If any of these groups appeals to you, you want to get involved, or you want more
information, please send an email to: info@ipyyouth.org or visit: www.ipyyouth.org

If you work for an organization that would like to get involved with some of these
projects please let us know. We?d love to have you involved in the working groups.

This is your chance to make a difference and get involved in International Polar

Carpe Diem!

For more information, please contact info@ipyyouth.org.

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