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Published: 13 Sep 2006
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Update on the IPY Review Process

Status of the IPY Review process

The overwhelming response of the international community to the three calls (June 2005, September 2005 and January 2006) for Full Proposals illustrates the way in which IPY 2007-2008 has captured the interest of this community. As of September 2006, 222 full proposals have been fully endorsed by IPY. Please note that the review process of full proposals is now closed. Under exceptional circumstances, for projects of significant merit, the IPY Joint Committee may agree to review a late submission. Please contact the IPY Programme Office (IPO) for further information.

Do you still want to get involved in IPY?

It is not too late if you do still want to get involved in IPY and you have not already done so. You should first consider making a connection to an existing, already endorsed Coordination Proposal ? use the IPY planning chart to find existing Coordination Proposals in your area of science. A short email from you and from the Proposal Coordinator saying you have joined will enable you to share the existing endorsement. If you have not yet submitted an Expression of Intent, please do so as this process is still open (contact IPO for assistance), and then consider following the steps above to join an existing coordination proposal.

Review letters from the IPY Joint Committee

If, during the review process, the Joint Committee suggested in their letter to you that you join your efforts with an already endorsed project, then please send the IPO confirmation, if you have not already done so, from both parties (confirmation by email is fine). Once we have received this, the IPY activities of the ?joining? Full Proposal will then receive full IPY endorsement through the ?host? Coordination Proposal and like all other activities included in the ?host? Coordination Proposal the ?joining? proposal can then use the overall IPY Joint Committee endorsement letter provided to the Coordinator as part of any funding proposals.

However, if you submitted a full proposal for the June 2005/September2005/January 2006 deadlines and the Joint Committee suggested some improvements to your full proposal and you have not yet sent the IPO a proposal with these revisions in place, then please contact the IPO as soon as possible.

If you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the IPO.

For more information, please contact ipyipo@bas.ac.uk .

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